Services We Provide

We offer a wide range of leather care and restoration services.  Our goal is to help you maintain the longevity of your high quality leather products.  There are many different types of leather being sold today. We understand and know how to recognize the correct method to re-dye, repair, clean, condition and protect your fine leather goods.  

We Offer: 

    Leather cleaning and conditioning 

    Color loss prevention and repairs    

    Pet damage repairs   

    Protective finishes   

    Scrapes, cuts and holes repaired   

    Transit damage   

    Regular maintenance (recommended)   

    Ink stain damage repair  

    Color change / re-dying

The leather industry has gone through many changes.  To please a wide variety of customer wants and needs, steps have been taken to form different looks and feels.

Determining the type of leather, how that leather was finished and the proper method to clean, maintain and protect these various leathers requires knowledge and experience. Often the seller or the sellers representative does not know the proper method of leather care needed for a particular leather type purchased. It is very common for us to see color loss damage caused by improper cleaning methods or improper cleaning products.

Hard to remove soil build up deep in the creases and grain can and will eventually cause cracking and splitting. This can occur in any leather regardless of the quality or purchase price. There are methods to prevent and in most cases repair this damage.

Color loss: The repair of color loss on leather furniture has increased dramatically over the last several years.  Color loss can occur for several different reasons.  Sometimes an area can be damaged by an improper cleaning attempt or the sun.  For older leather furniture, long term use with little or no maintenance will cause the finish to eventually give out.

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