Q: Can I re-color (re-dye) or even change the color of my leather furniture?
A: Yes, if someone dyed the leather a color before you bought it we can use the same technology (techniques, chemicals and dye’s) to refresh or change your leather furniture to a new color or custom finish.

Q: What color can I change it to?
A: There are a few guidelines, but for the most part, your imagination is the definition of your limitations. Answer? Just about anything.

Q: Does it have to be the same color it was?
A. No, you can make your Leather Furniture just about any color or custom finish you would like to.

Q: Do we have to dye it darker?
A. Nope, not in most cases, there are some exceptions to every rule.  In most cases you don't have to dye your leather furniture darker.

Q: What if we want to dye it, make it, a lighter color?
A: Most of the time the answer is “yes”, you can make your leather furniture a lighter color. Once again, it depends on the type of dye used and the desired finish.

Q. Just how shiny is it going to be? Do I have to have it like it was?
A: Leather likes to ‘take’ dye in, in a certain way.  However, we can and do have the ability to manipulate the sheen.  We can make the new finish ‘dead flat’, shine like glass or anything in between.  What ever you desire, we will do.

Q: Does the new finish rub off?  
A: No, it will not rub off.  We use only the dyes and finishes that were used when the leather was originally produced.   The new finish is as hardy as the original finish.

Q: Will it change the feel of the leather? Will the leather feel the same?
A: Although every situation can be different, it should feel very close or exactly like it did when it was new.

Q: How long will it last?
A: Since we use only the original factory dye’s and finishes, it should have close to the same life span as the original factory finish.  Depending on the use of your furniture, (kids, dogs, cats, etc.) the new finish will often outlast the original factory finish.

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