Chewy, get down!  What did you do?

Wow, was Chewy busy when everyone went to bed.
Notice the tape below the cushion to help keep Chewy
from  scratching.


Sofa before repair.


Sofa after repair.





As you can see, Chewy was a very busy naughty kitty.  After Chewy, the furniture was in bad shape.  Of all the cat scratched furniture, this was one of the worst.  We had to repair each whole and scratched area.  Next we cleaned all the furniture and made it ready for re-dyeing.  This was a very delicate process because all the furniture had a secondary finish.  This means that there is a lighter color under the surface finish to give it a certain look.  We matched both colors and applied them separately.  All three pieces turned out great. The customer said after seeing them, I am so excited, I cant believe it.  Chewy has since been forgiven. 

Chewy, to stay out of trouble, going forward, be sure to use your scratching post.

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