Cleaning and conditioning:           
  • Increases the life expectancy of your fine leather goods.
  • Retains professional image and value
  • Enhances your enjoyment.   
  • Customer has a choice of 60 + industry standard colors as well as endless combinations of custom colors to choose from. You can match any décor or color combinations as well as other available custom finishes
  • Increases and retains value
  • Help maintain the professional look you've decided on
  •  At a fraction of replacement cost
  • Saves the products usability
  • Keeps valuable assets in top condition
  • Saves money because you won’t have to buy a new product
  • Increases and retains value
  • We can often save you BIG $ with
        restoration vs. replacement.  
Service on site:
  • When applicable we can minimize the  ‘down time’ of your furnishings by having one of our technicians work ‘on site’ to expedite any re-dye, repair, restoration needed.  
Pick-up and delivery:
  • You don’t have to figure out how you will get your item(s) to us.  We do it all for you.
Quarterly maintenance
  • Regular pre-scheduled month, day and time to inspect and service your leather product(s) has been scheduled for you.  No phone call or having to wait for an appointment
  • Eliminates future problems by maintaining the leather quality. **An ounce of ‘prevention’ is still worth a ‘pound of cure’.
Signing a contract (Premium Service)
  • We do it all for you.  Scheduled inspection and service is pre-determined.  Leather cleaning and conditioning is done as needed on a regular basis.  We regularly check for any damages and notify you of the needed repairs. Repairs needed outside your ‘Member Level’ are performed at a deep discount as a ‘Member’ benefit.
Member Services
  • We include you on our contact list to inform you of our ‘periodic special offers’. 
Refer a friend program
  • Your friend receives a first month 20% discount. You receive a free cleaning and conditioning to an additional one of your valued leather item.
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