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This vintage chair belongs to a vineyard owner in Santa Barbara.  It is a very sentimental piece to her and she wanted it restored but still maintaining the "period look".  I repaired numerous holes, flattened the surface and added a protective finish.  You can see from the before and after pictures, the repair was successful without changing the old world feel.  


The owner of these airplane seats loved the color.  The seats came with the airplane when it was new.  We repaired the holes and cracking.  We made a custom color to match the existing orange and applied a sealer.


There was a leak in the roof of a warehouse where this chair was stored.  You can see the water damage on the seat and back before it was renewed.


I added this picture because we see this issue all the time.  Over-time, oils and products used on hair eventually deteriorate the finish and next the leather creating a hole.  We must repair the hole from underneath and do cosmetic surgery over the time.  Next we match up the original color and there you have a renewed piece.


The window washer accidentally sprayed windex all over this leather desk top.  In order to bring it back to new, we had to remove the windex, replicate the artwork, make two custom colors and use an antiquing technique to reproduce the original finish.


This leather floor is in the entry way and gets a great deal of use.  We cleaned the floor, added several coats of finish and added a sealer.  Bob was thrilled with the results.


This sectional has been in the Lloyd family for about 15 years.  It holds many happy memories for them.  We refinished the leather and stuffed the cushions.  The high-lite of the sectional was Bella their Doodle who added character.  It is her favorite place to lay.  They were pleased we could restore it for them.


This customer bought this chair at an estate sale.  It had several holes in it.  These are pictures of the right arm of the chair.  He got a great deal on the chair because of the holes.  He said he couldnít believe it would look so great.


A film director called me in a panic.  He was temporally renting a furnished home and his dog decided to play with the sofa.  As you can see, he chewed a hole in the back corner.  The director was so happy after the repair, because the owner couldnít tell the sofa had been damaged.


Frankie is a very active little dog.  She chewed several holes in this police officer's sofa.  We cleaned the areas and added large leather pieces to the sofa.  As you can see from the pictures, it made a huge difference in the appearance.  As for Frankie, how could you not love that face.J


Debra and Dale's recliners are used daily and were in dyer need of cleaning and refinishing.  We cleaned, prepped, made a custom color and applied it and added a protective finish.  As you can see, the difference was quite dramatic.


Frank initially called and asked to have these red chairs cleaned.  However, the stains had penetrated deep into the leather and had been there for quite some time.  Also, the cushions and arms were beginning to crack.  The only alternative was to moved as much of the soil as possible and refinish them.  After we finished restoring the chairs, Frank was very excited to show them to his partner.
(click here for a larger before photo /  click here for a larger after photo)


Ed's sofa cushion just kept tearing until it was almost completely off the sofa.  He decided to give the sofa to his son and asked us to stitch the rip, clean and condition it. 


Sherry had this chair restored by another company.  She was not happy with the results.  She called us and asked if we could undo the damage and save the chair.  I worked several hours on repairing holes, cracks, black oil spots, cleaning, and made several custom colors to mirror the same vintage look.  When I left, Sherry was happy and that was the most important thing.


This was a small rip, with the childrenís help became a BIG hole in over half of the cushion.  The cushion was attached to the sofa so to reupholster it was too expensive.  As bad as the rip was, the repair turned out great.
(click here for a larger before photo /  click here for a larger after photo)



This recliner was given to Ty from his son.  It had blood stains on the seat which were set in and could not be cleaned.  Ty wanted to change the color to a dark brown which would not show dirt.  I made a custom color that he liked and applied it.  He was very happy with the change.


A very famous celebrity's cat urinated blood on her chair.  She wanted the stain removed but it had already set deep into the leather cushion.  The only alternative was to refinish the chair.  It was a very delicate situation which required a high level of skill.  We matched the two customer colors which were evenly spattered on the surface.  Using a special air brush needle and moving it in and out, we were able to replicate the original finish.  She did not want it to look different.  You can see from the pictures we achieved her wishes.  She was very pleased with the job.
(click here for a larger before photo /  click here for a larger after photo)


This sofa was badly stained, dirty and had several cracks.  We removed the grease spots, cleaned it and re-finished the surface.  We made a custom color to match the existing one. The customer said she couldn't believe it would look new again.
(click here for a larger before photo /  click here for a larger after photo)


Sheila and Russ asked us to refinish their badly sun bleached sofa and love seat.  I took a picture of the sofa with the cushions already re-dyed with a custom made color.  The love seat before and after photos are amazing.  Russ said it looked new and the color added warmth and charm to the room.


Manny had this antique dining room set for many years.  The leather cushions were coming apart and needed re-stuffing. They were in dyer need of leather doctor help.  The before and after pictures tell the whole story.


Doctor Sadanaga's cats loved to scratch his ottoman.  He wanted it repaired and dyed to match his love seat.  We repaired the scratches and made a custom color to match his love seat.  They turned out great and he was very pleased.


Robin accidentally dropped a lamp on her beautiful love seat.  As you can see, it left quite a burn mark.  Also, the love seat and sofa needed a thorough cleaning.   We cleaned both pieces of furniture, made a custom color to match the original and refinished the burnt area.  Robinís sofa and love seat looked new.  She was very pleased.   


Lucia called us to see if we could repair a big hole in an orange sofa she saw at Macyís.  The sofa matched her dťcor and the price was fantastic. We said we could repair it and so she bought the sofa.  The hole was one of the worst we add ever repaired.  Someone tried to patch the hole with two sided duck tape.  It was a delicate job just getting the duck tape off.  Next we had to take the rest of the adhesive off before we could add a leather piece under the rip to hold it in place.  We repaired the hole and matched the orange color.  It turned out great.  Lucia said she could not see where the rip was.  That was quite a compliment. 


When Chris moved into his apartment, the movers did a number on his new ottoman and his dog chewed a hole in the sofa.  We repaired both the mover scrape and the dog chew.  Next we matched the existing ox blood color and applied it to both areas.  Both repairs were hardly noticeable. 


Jackís cat got mad at him for being away and decided to urinate on his nice love seat in the same place numerous times.  He didnít know who to call.  By the time he found us, the smell was awful and as you can see from the close up picture, the area had really deteriorated.  We removed most of the odor, double patch the area and made a custom color to match the original finish.  We saved jackís love seat and he no longer needed to cover the area with a blanket.


Angie accidentally spilled nail polish remover on her ottoman.  The remover melted the finish and as you can see from the picture, the ottoman needed to be re-dyed. We replaced the melted finish and re-dyed the ottoman.  It looked new again.




Snake Ottoman:
This snake ottoman had a slight scrape and tear.  After repair, can you see it?
(click here for a larger before photo /  click here for a larger after photo)


Meet Chewy, he is hiding his face.
He was a naughty kitty.
See Feature Page.




Aubrey takes his 1971 Jenson to car shows.  He asked us to restore the interior.  Above is a picture of the drivers seat before and after restoration.  He keeps the car in top condition and the interior now looks new like the exterior.  I enjoyed doing the work. 


This Mercedes Benz was being restored to sell.  The owner called me to refinish the interior.  The interior looked new after the refinish.  He sold the car right after the interior was done.


Thomas, a law student, bought this 1987 BMW and is restoring it.  A great looking car but the interior was in great need of the Leather Doctor.  After, 8 hours of restoration, Thomasís BMW interior looked new again.
(click here for a larger before photo /  click here for a larger after photo)


As you can see from the photo, the driverís seat was badly worn.  She would get out with body weight on the edge of the seat.  This took 3 hours to repair, but when done, it looked great.  ~ Another very satisfied customer.


The interior of this 2006 Lexus was in great shape.  However, the customer didnít know how the hole happened on the side of the driverís seat.  Another delicate repair was achieved. 


Kellie is planning on selling her SUV.  She wanted me to re-finish the seats so she could increase the value.  The SUV had two holes on the drivers seat.  Both front seats needed re-dyeing. We matched the existing color and applied it.  ~Another pleased customer.


Kendal's boy friend accidentally broke the cup holder on her parents Mercedes Benz.  He ordered a new one but it only came in gray.  We re-dyed the cup holder to match the old one.  He was happy in deed and so was Kendal and her parents.




Brent hated the color of his leather jacket and wanted it changed to dark brown.  It does look better dark brownJ.


This leather jacket belonged to a customerís deceased father.  He liked the style and wanted it restored so he could wear it.  It was in very bad shape.  As you can see from the before and after pictures of the jacket, the difference is very dramatic.  The jacket looked new again.


Judy loved this jacket but it had 8 tears.  The repairs were delicate because the rips were in areas that get a lot of use.  We used an extra thick piece of leather behind the rips to hold them firmly.  They weren't prefect, but close!


A Fashion Designer wanted these white jackets re-dyed for their new spring collection.  They are using them as samples within the grouping for retail orders.  The new color is the jacket on the right.  We had a 2" by 1" swatch sample to use to make the oyster color from.  The color was right on and they were very pleased. 


This jacket was very special to the customer because it belonged to his deceased father.  The security at the airport had ripped the sleeve which was 9 inches long.  We carefully repaired the tear and created three custom colors to match  the original, faded and soiled area of the jacket.  The customer was so please that he called later that day to say how much he liked the work and that he would highly recommend us.




These boots belong to a Halloween trick-or-treater.   Unfortunately, mom could not find black boots to go with his Halloween costume so she bought brown ones.  Trick-or treater didnít like the color so she called us.  We re-dyed them black so they went with his costume and he could also wear them to church.


Kathyís favorite purse got a BIG spot on the yellow square portion~yuck!  It looked really bad. Also, she didnít like some of the colors in the squares so we changed them.  Now the spot is gone and she loves all the colors.


The Versace suede purse and shoes are Nicoleís favorites.  Because she used them so much, they were very dirty and beyond cleaning.  There were only two options, one to throw them away or re-dye the suede.  However, when the suede is re-dyed it dramatically changes the hand (feel) of the leather.  It becomes hard but it looks wonderful.  She decided to keep them and have us refinish the suede.  Before re-dying she was ashamed to use them.  She said that now she wants to show them off. 


This customer wanted some changes made to her purses, shoes and belt.  She wanted the black stain removed and the color restored on the shoes.  The red purse was very dirty and needed a new finish.  She wanted the purple purse a darker purple and the belt tear repaired.  ~ AND we granted her wishes.
(click here for a larger before photo /  click here for a larger after photo)


This customer had a couple of large spots on her purse.  You can see the big spot to the left on the before picture.  We cleaned, made two custom colors to enhance the base and secondary color and applied them.  The after is amazing.  She had a new purse again.


Kellie's purse had faded plus it had a big spot on the bottom.  However, she liked the color of the spot more than the original color so we made a custom color to match the spot.  ~Here it is*


As you can see from the before picture, this Coach suede purse was in bad need of cleaning.  We got all the dirt and stains out.  She said her purse looked new again.


A communication company that makes cellular phone covers for large telecommunication companies periodically calls us when they need custom leather colors. The leather in the first picture is to be re-dyed to match the small color samples.  The second picture is the leather re-dyed to match the samples. As you can see, the colors matched.



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