We are an expert leather repair, restoration, re-dyeing and refinishing service.  We specialize in all things leather - furniture (including leather top desks and tables), auto interiors, clothing accessories, and more.  We have been successfully providing top service to business and residential communities from a handed down craft that has existed from generation to generation.  For our customers this means reliable, knowledgeable, skillful, and quality professional technicians who are on time.  We have the ability to work on site as well as providing 'in shop' repairs with pick-up and delivery service available.

Mission Statement

Our team of professional technicians strive to provide state of the art repair and restoration services through the commitment to you our customer.  Leather restoration is an old craft and art that has been handed down for generations.  We continuously research for advanced and latest technology of leather renovation.  We come directly to your home or office for all your leather care needs.  Our service is mobile, or can be done at the shop.  We are fully dedicated to guide you and to prolong the life of your leather products.

Sometimes we just have to work around our customers. 

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