We are the professionals that refinish and repair
all types of leather goods in Montana
and Southern California.


Montana: 406-702-1454
Southern California: 818-669-0799

For us leather restoration is not just a job, but our craft.

We provide all leather services including:

Protective Coating Repairs
Reconditioning Cleaning and Conditioning
Moisturizing  Restoration
Refinishing Dyeing to change color
Deodorizing Color Loss Prevention and Repair
Cuts and Scuffs Repaired Moving Damage 

Stain Resisting  

We Work With Any Leather Furniture In Home Or Office,
Boats, Cars, Airplanes, Luggage, Garments, Accessories, Etc.

"Don't replace it, restore it at a fraction of the cost!”

Our hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday, and you can call us at:

Montana: 406-702-1454
Southern California: 818-669-0799

If you're asked to leave a message please do so,
we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

You’re important to us!

Email us at:


customer satisfaction is our priority

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